Are my gif's too big? please let me know! GapeGirl



Hi Gapegirl. trying to post them, but they aren’t moving like gifs, despite being in the correct file format - I had a similar problem myself uploading gifs to tumblr once. I’m not sure why it does that. There might be an FAQ about how to get them to upload properly. I’d like to see them moving!

"Big cunt fishing and I got some tuna twat, love my wifes big loose pussy!

I am trying to get my wifes pussy much bigger and she likes to be stretched I have tried the Flash Brown and the Shane Deiseal and she likes her favorite is Shane but I bought her the Bam and she don’t seem to like yet also got her the UR3 John Holmes dildo and she says it’s a bit big. I like her loose cunt it feels good and my dick just falls into it (and out of it) but just wondering how to make it much looser as I love it that way and I want to fist fuck her?”

Thanks for the submission. Well from the look of the photos you sent, she already is pretty loose down there. That’s a big natural looking gape. I would suggest wearing dildos or plugs in her pussy for a long time, also, progressively stretching her little by little each day - incorporate it into sex. Massage her bottom pussy wall. Practice makes perfect.



Gyno visit!

Big floppy cunt

Gyno doctor: “Miss. Slopvaj. You have a clean bill of health”

Miss Slopvaj: “Oh that’s a relief..”

Gyno doc: “…but I must inform you that for your age, your vagina is abnormally large and loose”.

Miss S: “It is?!?”

Gyno doc: “Absolutely. Nothing to worry about, it shouldn’t be a problem unless your boyfriend has an average or small sized dick. Ok, and that concludes the checkup! If you go back into the reception the nurse will arrange your next appointment. (I love my job)”.